We provide
pre-qualified candidates.

See how we help recruiters & hiring managers find top-skilled talent.


The current options
aren't working.


Too Many

Job board listings can generate hundreds of unsuitable leads that slow the search for the right candidate.

Too Tedious

In-house recruiting can become overwhelmed by spending too much time with unqualified candidates.

Our platform automates the most labor-intensive parts of recruiting.
Too Slow or Expensive

DIY candidate sourcing often takes weeks and 3rd party staffing agencies can charge up to 30% of first-year salary for filling a position.



We proactively find the most qualified leads through job boards, interest groups, and our growing, proprietary candidate network.



We use our screening technology to assess relevant skills and identify quality talent.



We rapidly identify the top candidates and pass them on to you.

The power to build a robust pipeline of talent.

We’re centralizing the top skills-based talent on one easy-to-use platform, allowing you to quickly find the practical, real-world skills you need.


Seek and find candidates through all the major job boards, social media interest groups and our growing network of pre-screened candidates.


Understand every individual skill necessary to succeed at thousands of technical positions. Pair those skills with business-tailored search criteria, then test candidates for key competencies & knowledge on our automated screening platform.


The cost-effective process that lets you focus exclusively on suitable candidates. Have some candidates that applied directly on your website? Just forward them to us and we’ll vet them using our proprietary system.


Higher quality candidates at better economics

Customized pricing

Lower cost and more scalable than traditional recruiting agencies and way more effective than job boards.

5 best vs 100+

More efficient with your time—stop spending time with candidates who aren’t right for the job.

monthly or annual

Simple monthly pricing based on the number of simultaneous listings you have with Limelight.

We specialize in hiring

Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians
Construction and Building Inspectors
Telecom Equipment Installers and Repairers
Industrial Machinery Mechanics
Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters
Operating Engineers & Other Construction Equipment Operators
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Workers

Bus & Truck Mechanics & Diesel Engine Specialists
Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
Sheet Metal Workers
Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers
Highway Maintenance Workers
Roofers and Carpenters
Tool Operators
Landscapers and Landscaping Technicians
And more...

Double up


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The recruiting platform built for skilled work.

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