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Opportunity Jobs

\ ä-pər-ˈtü-nə-tē ˈjäbz \

Jobs that pay above the national median wage but don’t require a four year college degree.

Our customers

The best companies, hiring opportunity jobs throughout the US.

Our Team

Ben Pfeifer


Luxi Huang
Head of Product


Cheyne Rocha-Rinere
Director of Operations


Jessica Schneider
Director of Customer Success

Chris Kline
Creative Director


Margaret Strickland
Brand Director


Angela Hwang
Senior Account Executive


Joe Strawitz
Senior Account Executive


We are a passionate, creative, and dedicated group.

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Joe Carrafa
Head of Engineering


Grant Silow
Head of Sales


Nephi Mata
Director of Revenue Operations

Matt Berberian
Head of Marketing

Spencer Schimel
Product Design Lead


Shuxin Yang
Senior Product Manager

Katie Tyler
Business Operations Analyst



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