We proudly challenge norms to fix what's broken.


The job platform for the skills-based world.

When we started this company, we weren’t just trying to build a business, we were gung ho about solving a problem - creating a trusted job platform for the skills-based world where there wasn’t one before.

We will continue to bring that spirit forward everyday - challenging the status quo, finding new and better ways to do things, offering support where it’s needed, and making the world better.


Our dedication to
skilled professionals.

We move fast and work tirelessly to help you succeed.

The traditional job marketplace approach is inadequate — resumes don’t capture the style and range of the work and pedigree markers such as the four-year college degree are rarely relevant.

Our job marketplace is built for the technically-skilled workforce, such as electricians, mechanics, operating engineers, or healthcare professionals. These workers, and the companies they work for, drive a large percentage of the American economy, but until now have had few match-making services dedicated to their mutual success.


A team to build with.

We’re all about action, focus, and getting it done.

We know that the job market changes every minute of every day, so we must be fast to stay ahead of the game. We work hard to anticipate your needs, so you can find the perfect match at the right time, every time.


We are a passionate, creative, and dedicated group.

Sound like you? Reach out at team@mylimelight.com

Our Leadership

Ben Pfeifer


Luxi Huang
Head of Product


Joe Carrafa
Head of Engineering


Grant Silow
Head of Sales


Cheyne Rocha-Rinere
Director, Strategy & Business Dev


Matt Berberian
Head of Marketing

Chris Kline
Creative Director


Margaret Strickland
Director, Brand



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Limelight is backed by 25madison, a leading venture group based in New York City.

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